What was that?!

Oh right…summer is just whizzing by.

Five reasons I love summer:

1. Sunshine makes everything better.

2. Nice weather coupled with fewer obligations equals time for exploration and discovery.

3. Zucchini bread made from garden zucchinis tastes like a little bit of heaven. Tomatoes…ahhh…

4. Pools, rivers, streams, warm rains. Water.

5. Dirty toes. Wet tousled hair. Lightening bugs. (Sorry…I know I just cheated.)

I do love summer, but to be honest, I’ve been sneaking peaks at the autumn decorations and fall crafty stuff at JoAnn’s. Yes, it’s true…

Five reasons I’m daydreaming about fall:

1. I hate air conditioning, but I kind of wish we had some. Enough Said.

2. Pumpkins. I love pumpkins. They’re friendly.

3. Cinnamon. The smell, the taste, the mood it sets.

4. Knitting in the fall is more fun than in the summer. Wool just doesn’t seem as nice when you’re sweating and the little fibers stick to your hands. Yuck.

5. School. Am I crazy for loving it? I crave the steady routine, the daily affirmation of small accomplishments, and the new school supplies!


The party was fun! The weather was gorgeous. The birthday boy was his charming little self. The details of our bird themed party came together with the help of a few early party guests (thank you!!!). As with any family gathering, I was overwhelmed by the blessing of being surrounded by the people who love us most during an important milestone.

For very little money, the bird theme came to life! The decorations pictured above couldn’t have been any simpler. A trip to the library provided lots of “bird books” for decorating the tables, and my sister read a few to the kids.

Too bad I forgot the party favors at home. Bummer…

Hustle Bustle

We are about to celebrate a big birthday. The little guy is turning TWO. Two. No more baby. We are decidedly in toddlerhood.

I love to host parties.  Planning and pulling off a party gives me such joy.  I always tell my husband that I want to get married again (to him!) so that I can have the fun of planning a wedding.  This 2 year old party isn’t wedding caliber of course, but it is going to be a lot bigger than I expected.  Oh well.  The more the merrier, right?

Last week was fun and very full.  We had cool things going on almost every day.  Monday, our family of four joined my parents at the zoo.  Despite the 90 degree weather, we had a wonderful time.  We followed up that adventure with a picnic in the park.  A gourmet picnic, I might add.  My mom made one of those big sandwiches on a big round loaf of marble rye.  Gorgeous!  She brought fruit salad and a yummy sweet potato salad that was delicious and so pretty.

On Tuesday, we met some friends for a play date at the library and lunch at a picnic table outside.  That afternoon we drove to my in-laws.  We had dinner with them, and we all enjoyed their wonderful pool.  That evening my mom-in-law, her sister, and I went blueberry picking.  We picked and picked from the abundant crop.  Some branches were so full of beautiful fruit that I don’t know how they didn’t buckle.  The farm was so quiet.  The hot day simmered down to a balmy evening.  Long after the sun was down but the evening sky still glowed, we continued filling our buckets.

On Wednesday, we joined our friends (a family that we’ve come to know through preschool) at a great park about 30 minutes from here.  The park has an “exhibit farm” where you can visit the animals.  I’ve never seen such interesting breeds of chickens.  After the farm, we went to another section of the park that has fun sprinklers.  My older boy adored that part of our trip.

Thursday was a nice quiet day at home.  We did some housework.  And Friday was our monthly La Leche League meeting.  For the first time ever, I went without a little one by my side.  My goodness, it seems that our little family is entering a new era (at least for now).  Saturday was “Relay for Life,” an event that is close to my heart. 

Wishing you weeks full of summer fun!

My links…

I enjoy lots of different blogs.  I couldn’t begin to link to all of them.  Instead, I post links in my sidebar that I feel are an extension of my image of what my life is and areas where I am eager to learn.  These sites and organizations illustrate what I value as a person, a parent, a Christian, just me.  Of course, I don’t endorse everthing that is said or done on these websites, but I’ve found them to be consistently of high quality.  Today, I added Rhythm of the Home.  It’s beautiful.  Take a look.