So many projects!

Hi, friends.

Oh no!  Too many great projects.  Have you ever done the same?  I have fabric cut and pressed for curtains and throw pillows in the boys’ room.  I have a growing collection of fabric pieces for duvet covers for the bunk beds.  I have fabric, handles, batting, and buttons for a laptop case.  I’m working on two knitted gifts that have a fast-approaching deadline.  I’m finishing up some cards for Warm as Pie designs and personal use.  I have materials cut and gathered for some pretty pins that will go on sale at the Grand Opening.  So much to do.

The First Day of Autumn!

It’s here.  It’s here.  I love autumn, and I am thankful to have reached this special time of year when we become gatherers.  We gather the last of summer’s plenty and store it up for the leaner months of winter.  We gather friends in our homes for cider and hot chocolate and pumpkin pie.  If you’re like me, you gather books and yarn and old issues of magazines with just the right recipes.  Before we know it, many of us will be gathering gifts to bless the people we love during the Christmas season.  But before I get ahead of myself, let me share this little fall poem from Emily Dickinson (c.1858)…

The morns are meeker than they were — 

The nuts are getting brown —

 The berry’s cheek is plumper —

 The Rose is out of town.

The Maple wears a gayer scarf —

 The field a scarlet gown —

 Lest I should be old fashioned

 I’ll put a trinket on.


 So let’s put on our trinkets and celebrate!  I will be wearing a homemade necklace that was featured in one of my March posts.  To me, its vintage earring for a focal point embodies the word “trinket!”

I look foward to sharing this season with you.

THE BIG REVEAL!!!  Drum roll please…

The winner of the Warm as Pie designs sample pack is


And because my five-year-old SO enjoyed picking names out of the little tin tub that I used for this drawing, I decided to give away a mini-pack, too.  The winner is


Congratulations, ladies.  And thanks to everyone who commented.

Celebrating One Year

(Don’t forget my first giveaway!  See below.)

Celebrations give us markers for our memories—momentary pauses in the repetition of everyday living to acknowledge milestones, successes, and gratitude.  When I flip through a photo album or browse the digital images saved on my computer, I use the photographs of birthday cakes, Christmas mornings, and American flags to confirm the passage of time, to measure my children’s growth, and to reflect upon the blessings that each year brings.

Today I am pleased to acknowledge my first full year of consistent blogging.  I began keeping a personal journal when I was very young.  My earliest writings (that are coherent) were written when I was seven years old.  I loved writing stories and creating drawings to go with them.  I collected pretty blank books through my childhood, teens, and twenties, but as enamored as I was with the art of journaling and all the fun books and pens that go with the territory, I was terribly inconsistent in maintaining these journals.  Wanting to be a writer from the time I could write, I knew that regular time with pen upon paper (or fingers on keyboard) was essential to my growth as an author.  Again and again, I heard from teachers and professional writers that keeping a journal was good exercise for writing but also a great way to keep a record of potential topics and anecdotes that could later grow into poems, stories, novels, and essays.  Terrific.  I’m in!  But once the excitement of my latest notebook wore off and inspiration waned, I moved on to other things, leaving behind another journal.

In late summer of 2009, I ran into Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey on the “new” shelf at my local public library.  I had started an ill-fated blog a few years earlier, but I just couldn’t get excited about it.  I didn’t have a digital camera.  I was busy with a job that left me uninspired, and I was using most of my non-working time trying to make up for the time that I wasn’t spending time with my toddler son.   Tara Frey’s book helped me to see that blogging wasn’t just journaling for the public to see—blogging could be a creative pursuit in itself.  A blog could be a service to my family by acting as a chronicle of our growth and our commitment to one another.  A blog could get me writing again after the burn-out of an M.F.A. in the midst of a busy life of parenting.  So I took the plunge on September 22, 2009.

My blogging experience has confirmed that Tara was right.  I learned that blogging could be something else, too.  From my real-life blog friend Emily, I learned that blogging is a sort of spiritual discipline.  I am living a more creative life as a blogger because I am connecting with creative people and seeing the beautiful work that they produce.  I am living a more grateful life because I scan my world for beautiful images and blessed moments to reflect upon and share here.  I see God’s work around me in ways that I overlooked when weekly writing didn’t “fit” into my agenda.

Thank you for reading Warm as Pie.  I’m raising a cold iced tea on this unseasonably warm day to the hope of many more years in this space.

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GRAND OPENING and My First Giveaway!


Warm as Pie designs

At Warm as Pie designs we provide handcrafted stationery goods and memorable gifts made to nurture warm communication and care within families and communities.

We officially open for business on September 30! 

Stay tuned for more information.


On September 22nd, we will celebrate the “blogaversary” of Warm as Pie‘s  rebirth.  One whole year!  Perhaps it’s cheesy, but this blog has truly made a difference in how I live my life.  Your comments, online and in person, make me feel like part of something special.  To thank you for participating in this journey, I’m offering a little sample pack of greeting cards from Warm as Pie designs.  All you have to do is leave a comment between Saturday (9/18) and Wednesday (9/22) at 9pm (Eastern), and you will be entered to win!

A New Reader and a New Family Member

Even before I had children of my own, I anticipated the joy of helping and watching my children learn to read.  We’ve been playing around with learning to read for several months, just letter recognition and decoding simple words.  But I can’t describe the delight I felt in observing this scene as I passed through my boys’ room to put some things in the closet.

Yep, my sweet kindergartener was proudly reading to his new pet, a Betta named Bluey.  I was informed by this new reader that our new family member thought the book was good.

I realize that I never introduced my blog readers to Bluey.  He joined our home in celebration of that very special fifth birthday. 

Time with Dad

I like to make this little spot on the Web a happy place.  A place where people can come and know that beauty comes in small packages and those packages come by daily delivery.  But I must confess…last week was awful.  Plain awful.  I started a new work project that left me frazzled.  The boys seemed to be walking the line of questionable behavior all week (Most certainly because I was distracted and frustrated, and they were craving my full attention).  But that’s what I love about Sundays.  Each one feels like a brand new start.  I clean myself up for a morning worship service, spend a little time with my God who reminds me through his Word that I’m okay, I’m better than okay!  I’m loved, renewed, and reborn.  Sunday is its own New Years Day!  So put on your party hats and throw some confetti.  I’m going to begin this day with a new attitude and a new resolve to commit to what matters.

Of course, it helps that I had a wonderful Father-Daughter day in the country.  Boy, did my soul need that!  Dad and I took Dad’s “v-bottom” fishing boat on the river from about 11am to 4pm, and then we came home and took a quick three mile bicycle ride.  Five hours on the water positively flew by, but they left plenty of time for conversation.  We try to do a Father-Daughter day each summer, usually right before the start of school.  This year’s outing was delayed a bit, but truly the timing was perfect.  The weather turned dramatically cooler on Friday night after a big storm brought in a cold front, so it felt like autumn.  The sky was cloudy, but sun peaked through to warm us from time to time.  With the cool weather, we had the river to ourselves on a weekend that is usually swarming with boaters, skiers, and Jet Ski riders.  Dad “wet a line” along our journey, and I played with my camera and soaked in the quiet.

Afterward, my little family and my parents went out for pizza.  It was a great one-day vacation.

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