Oh What Fun!

Yes, it was a good Thanksgiving weekend.  Despite dealing with some mild illnesses and adding many miles on the Jeep, this weekend was a fun mixture of yummy flavors and aromas, good times with loved ones, a football game, some crafting, and the beginnings of a Christmas season.

So let me tell you about the football game!  My hubby, approaching 33 years old, played football in full gear, with full contact on Friday night.  The evening was positively frigid.  We very necessarily had to pull out the major winter gear.  To my dismay, much of our winter garb got moldy in our horrible basement that is a perpetual thorn in my side.  (I promise, if I had a nice laundry room, I would stay on top of the laundry.  Truly, I would.)  We managed to piece together a toasty ensemble for every family member, and after a little bit of shopping and visiting with my mom and my sister, we headed to the game.  We loved watching Daddy in uniform under the big, stadium lights.  Even though the lop-sided score did not fall in our favor, we all enjoyed ourselves.  No one got frostbite, and our boys saw Daddy in a whole new way.  As we entered the football field, our 2 year old said, “Steelers, Daddy.”  Our five-year-old–in his wise-old-man voice–announced, “Very impressive!”  Too funny.

The game brought very sore muscles and a swollen face (helmets hurt and help!) but thankfully, no broken bones.

Giving Thanks…

For childhood memories,

For children making memories,

For waking up to the smell of onions, celery, and butter in an iron skillet,

For families–growing, learning, loving,

For the bright orange of sweet potatoes and the darker shade of pumpkin with just the right amount of cinnamon,

For pie filling that didn’t fit, baked in a little dish for nibbling,

For the land and its natural resources–May we never take them for granted–

For a God who is both provider and savior…

We give Thanks!

All Saints Day

For the first time, my family is celebrating All Saints Day at home.  In the past, we’ve had a small taste of this oft forgotten holiday when the choir sang a special hymn during the church service and names of departed loved ones were printed in the bulletin.  But this year, we are remembering the saints who have gone before us in our own little way.  My five-year-old loves to ask questions about our family and flip through our albums of photographs, so today we will be looking at the images that I treasure most.

These are my Dad’s parents at our wedding in 2001.  Grandma is still doing well.  In fact, we celebrated her 80th birthday this weekend.  We lost Papa a few years ago.  He was a faithful Christian.  He was a soft spoken barber who believed strongly in integrity and hard work.  He was a World War II navy veteran.

This is my Grandma Sunny, my Mom’s Mom.  Grandma Sunny…I don’t even know what to say.  So much of my memory of everything is wrapped up in her.  She went to Heaven just short of three months after this photograph was taken in August 2001.  She was an amazing cook, a fabulous knitter, a kind, feisty soul.  I miss her every single day. 

Here is Grandma Sunny and my Mom’s Dad, Papa.  They are the couple on the left.  They met in Belgium at the end of World War II.  Papa was an American soldier stationed there.  They are in their early twenties in this picture.

This is Papa again in an undated photo at the bowling alley, but I’m guessing that it’s from the early 1980s.  Papa passed away unexpectedly when I was a junior in college.  It was a terrible shock.  Papa was a very, very quiet man, and he was intelligent and gentle.  A sweet man.  He seemed to know something about everything.  He loved my Gram.  He loved her food!

I am in love with this picture.  My Mom found it not long ago, and we were both absolutely charmed by it.  Grandma Sunny is to the right, and my Great Aunt Phyllis is to the left.  We have no idea where the puppies came from, but aren’t they cute?

I do not have photographs of my husband’s loved ones who are gone.  Maybe I’ll ask his Mom for some pictures to have in our home as we teach our boys about the family who raised Mommy and Daddy.  I do, however, have this little yarn corsage that my hubby’s maternal grandmother made.  I never met her, but I know that she was a very special person in Cory’s life.  She always bought him the purple Swedish fish because they were his favorite.  She worked in the school cafeteria, and she made him a special pb & j on spaghetti days because she knew he didn’t like spaghetti.

Who will you remember today?