Hello, Summer!

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

Summer has never been my favorite season, but it does have much to love.  We’ve already dug into some of our favorite summer things:   the baby pool, the BIG pool at Grandma & Papa’s house, watermelon, walks, tricycles, sidewalk chalk, peach pie, corn on the cob, picnics, trips to the playground, and Italian ice.  This week is our church’s Vacation Bible School, and it is always a big highlight of our summer.  This is the first year that I sent my little one.  He is a member of the 3 year old class (He’ll be 3 next month), and my heart did a little jump when I saw him filing into the sanctuary with his class.  He looked so grown up and proud of himself.

I wish I could say that I’ve made remarkable progress on packing, but no, I can’t fib on the blog.  We’ve had a lot of fun though!  We’ve enjoyed the celebrations of my birthday (hello, #32), Fathers’ Day, and the high school graduation of our niece, Deanna.  We met a college friend for lunch, attended a family reunion, dabbled in all of the fun listed above, and daydreamed a lot about the future.  I can’t complain.

The positively glorious orange cake that my amazing hubby made for my birthday. It is drizzled with an orange butter glaze. Ahhh...

I promise…

I promise…
:: to not allow the weeks before our baby arrives to be filled only with packing, cleaning, and making lists.
:: to take my family on “mystery trips” to great places like the zoo…this summer and forever.
:: to really engage with my boys, forcing myself out of the daydreaming/worrying cycle that will take over if I think only of moving.
:: to laugh with my husband at the ridiculous and amusing pictures that people post on real estate sites. Do they really think that deer heads wearing Santa hats will sell their property? I’m not kidding!
:: to go blueberry picking with my mother-in-law even if I have a tiny baby strapped to my chest.
:: to celebrate who I am spiritually, emotionally, and even physically (check out this awesome post at The Sleepytime Gal.)

Good morning, Monday!

We had a beautiful weekend.  The weather was fantastic.  Not too hot, just a couple little showers.  We got to see family, enjoy good food, take part in our library’s “Family Extravaganza,” and celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit in our Sunday worship service.  So fun!

But now we must get back to work.  So, SO much to do.  My head is spinning.  Our previous moves happened before the boys came along.  We moved into our first apartment after our honeymoon.  (We actually went straight from our honeymoon location in Maine to our Massachusetts apartment, and my parents met us there with much of our stuff and our dog.)  After three years of graduate school and two successful Masters Degrees, we moved to our current location.  We had aquired a bit more stuff by then, but still…we were moving from a tiny third-floor apartment to a whole house complete with a (yucky) basement and a small attic.  This time we will be moving seven years of stuff (craft materials, baby gear, and school stuff make  up a lot of the accumulation) over many miles.  To say I am overwhelmed would be a major understatement.  When I am overwhelmed, I procrastinate.  Anyone else like that? 

Goals for the week: 

:: Clean and pack our bedroom.

:: Gather children’s toys and clothing for donation. 

:: Finish the porch. (Hubby is stripping and repainting it.)

:: Make vet appointment

So…Good morning, Monday!  May this be the beginning of a very productive week.

We’re Moving!

Well, ladies and gentlemen (don’t know if any gentlemen actually read my blog).  We are getting ready for a big move.  Big.  Move. 

Even though this is a really rough time to be moving (hot weather and a baby due in just 3 weeks), this announcement is a cause to celebrate.  My dedicated, hard-working hubby has been offered a teaching job at a small, liberal arts college, and we are delighted that God has blessed us with this opportunity–an opportunity that we have waited for and prayed for during many years of graduate school and two years on the job market.  We are not making a move across town, or even across our state.  We will be moving about 17 hours away from our family, so while we are rejoicing for the job and the financial security that it offers, we can’t help having mixed feelings about the changes that are ahead.  I am a mix of happy anticipation and sadness.  The prospect of a fresh start is exhilarating!  The thought of leaving behind family, friends, our son’s school, and our church is heartbreaking.  

So…things are going to look a bit different here at Warm as Pie.  The blog might be slow-moving for awhile, but I have no intentions of quitting!  In fact, I have a feeling that my blog will take on a new level of life and meaning when it becomes an important part of how I show relatives and friends the day-to-day growth and fun of our little family.  I have two primary goals for this time of transition: 1) to provide stability and comfort for my boys, and 2) to maintain and forge even stronger bonds with the people we love.  Warm as Pie will be a signficant tool in the second goal.

We plan to move around the beginning of August.  We are making baby preparations and trying to pack while not missing out on the joys of summer.  This will be a summer I certainly will never forget!

Let’s get started!

Yesterday (Friday) was our first day of summer vacation.  And we started with a bang…well, a *whoosh* anyway.  On Tuesday, the kindergarten class had Science Olympiad Day.  They made–and brought home–volcanos!  So, yesterday we set up our volcano on the back deck and got ready for action.

And a second try!



30 Day Challenge (and a look at some baby gifts)

June 1st began the 30 Day Challenge set up by Jessica at a wonderful blog called The Macs.  I have pointed you to Jessica and her sweet family a couple of times before.  While this blog can be heartbreaking, it is also a great encouragement and an inspiration in my faith journey.  The 30 Day Challenge is a commitment to begin each day (June 1 – 30) in prayer and Bible study with the hope of beginning an intentional, meaningful connection with God that will bless each day.  For me, taking this challenge was about inviting the kind of reciprocal relationship with God that I’ve always wanted.  I want to worship Him, not just ask for things.  And I want to listen.  To quiet myself and just connect.

So I’ve decided that my “time” will be first thing in the morning.  (Please sleep in, little boys!)  But knowing the mornings don’t always go as planned, I am going to snatch any moment I can.  I realize that the “snatch method” isn’t really what the challenge is about, but I refuse to be a perfectionist about this.  My perfectionism has ruined too many genuine attempts at good things.  I will be working through the Proverbs and journaling about the verses that resonate with me.  I will be praying for the other people taking the challenge, my husband, and my children during these 30 days.  I’m excited!!  Anyone want to join me?  It’s not too late!  I encourage you to check out Jessica’s blog.  Leave a comment here if you are ready to spend some daily time in study and prayer this month.


Baby Stuff!!

Some sweet blankets, sleepers, mits, and a hat from my wonderful in-laws.

Aunt Patty didn’t hide her “blue” guess!  Ha Ha!  I share her guess, so I’m sure we will get lots of use out of these soft outfits.

Much needed towels and washcloths from my parents.  Mom also painted three darling little pictures.  I can’t wait to show you photographs soon.

My sister made this cute, cute bib.  I love the fabric SO much.

Can you believe this blanket???  I know my sister put much love and care into this soft, sweet blanket for Baby.