On the Bright Side

Moving is hard.  ::  Moving is exciting.

Having a wide open schedule is kind of dull.  ::  Having a wide open schedule leaves me free to be with my family.

The weather is so hot.  ::  The sun is so beautiful and life-giving.

I’m living in a place that is completely foreign to me.  ::  I’m living next to a lake–a lovely lake that sparkles in the sunlight.  We see turtles lifting their funny, scaly necks before dipping back down into the dark water.  We watch (or chase) tall birds, some kind of crane I think.  We see fishermen on the nearby pier, but we haven’t seen a catch yet.

Life is different here, but as long as we look on the bright side, I think we’ll manage.

The view from our porch.




My boy is six.  We walked around an amusement park to celebrate his birthday yesterday, and I couldn’t stop staring at this boy of mine–his confident stride, the way he jumps on every curb, the sweet curves of his cheeks that let me see him as my baby.  Six.  I held his hand as much as I could, knowing that soon he may not let me.  Happy birthday, darlin’.

Anniversary Friday

Friday, my husband and I celebrated ten years of marriage.  Ten years!  Does that make us grown-ups?  It seems like we should be grown-ups now after ten years of marriage, three children, and several advanced degrees (two for him, one completed for me).  Yet, I don’t feel much different than I did as a 22 year old bride.

I had graduated from college a little over two months before our wedding.  Cory had been out for one year.  We were preparing to begin graduate school in Massachusetts.  We had a little third-floor apartment in a Victorian house waiting for us there.  We had visited it twice–once with my family when we first saw the apartment & signed the lease and once with Cory’s parents as we moved some of our belongings there & slept in sleeping bags in the living room.

As we approached our wedding day, we joked that we would “try it out” for 75 years and see how we liked the whole “marriage thing.”  Well, ten years into the adventure, we like it!  He still makes me laugh…often.  And I don’t know if he knows this, but I love the look he gets in his eyes when he knows he really got me giggling.

Ten years ago, I suspected he would make a wonderful daddy.  Now, I get to see that I was right…over and over again.  I love Cory in ways that are deeper and more complex that I could have understood ten years ago, but love is just as fun as it was in August 2001.

Beach trip #1

When my husband and I lived in Massachusetts, we were about two hours from the shore.  We went to Boston one time, and we took a little anniversary trip to New Hampshire.  Other than those two excursions, we did not take advantage of the proximity to the ocean.  In our new location, we don’t want to let the opportunity pass.  So on Saturday, we headed to the beach.  We chose to take an evening trip to avoid the most intense sunshine and heat.  We chose well.  The beach was gorgeous.  The setting sun gave a lovely light to our surroundings, and we could enjoy the sand and sea without getting toasted.  Of course, we slathered up with sunscreen, and Charlotte & I kept to the shade.

You gotta watch that girl though…already showing her midriff at the beach!

The salt came as an unpleasant surprise.  This boy of mine is a little dramatic about such things.

Mostly, we just loved having a few hours to forget about being the “tourists” in town (lots of people at the beach are tourists!), enjoy seeing smiling faces and squeals of laughter, and stop worrying about all the details of settling into a new  home.

It was a count-your-blessings sort of day.

Our Journey to a New Home

We made it.  We’re here.  The guys left in our Jeep on Saturday (including my dad, our dog, and our pet fish). 

My mom, Charlotte, and I made the journey by plane.  We are not seasoned travelers, so this was a bit of a challenge for us.  But we did it!  While my palms were sweating and I was praying that no one around me would become air sick (I know I’m weird!), I was able to enjoy the view.  Everything from the clouds to the tiny farms below were astoundingly beautiful.

We arrived in our new house late on Sunday night, so in the darkness, we saw very little of our new surroundings.  On Monday morning, I stepped outside with our dog, and I was shocked and delighted to see the sun rising over a lovely lake.  What a  nice surprise. 

So this is the beginning of a new part of our story.  Like any great tale, there are exciting twists and turns.   This is one of those unexpected swerves along the way.  I have to remind myself that we are not alone.  Many people have followed this path before.  And survived.

(outside our new library)