Project: Food Budget (Thanksgiving Edition)

Today’s Food Budget report isn’t going to be like the rest of them.  In fact, I basically threw my budget out the proverbial window this week.  As you see below, we closed on our house this week.  We don’t have our belongings yet, but we were in the house each day cleaning and painting and making plans.  We’re working hard to be ready for the arrival of our stuff on Monday.  And that means lots of eating out, ordering pizza, stopping at Wendy’s, and stocking up on drinks to keep us going while we work.  I did buy some of the usuals: bread, peanut butter, milk, and apples.  And then there was the holiday meal.  I’ve never cooked a Thanksgiving meal before!  I’m sad to not be with our family, but I’m excited about making my first Thanksgiving.  With very few dishes or prep tools, we’re keeping our meal pretty simple.  We’re roasting a turkey breast.  I’m also making corn, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes.  Of course, there will be pie.  Apple pie.  We started our morning with banana coffee cake with chocolate chip streusel and hot tea.  I don’t know exactly how much was spent this week.  I know that I am over my $400 goal for the month but under my $600 budget.

As I think about the meals to come and those already consumed (Hubby’s family “Thanksgiving” at work and our church’s dinner last night), I marvel at the variety and depth of flavors we enjoy.  I think about the quantitiy of food that will be consumed over this holiday weekend.  Then I think about the pinch I sometimes feel on a $400/month budget.  I stand in the grocery aisle, and every now and then, I let that pesky bitterness wiggle its way into my head.  I want to buy that expensive cereal or splurge on the yummy block of cheese, and I feel sorry for myself–just the tiniest, teeniest little bit.  Right there in the aisle, I give myself a shake and even laugh at myself.  I have (potentially)$600 every single month to feed my family nutritious, tasty food that allows their bodies to grow, their minds to zoom, and their hands to work.  I have been blessed with the mission to plan and provide meals and snacks with the bountiful resources that God has given me to steward.  Yes, bountiful.  Hitting that $400 goal feels impossible at times, but if I lived in most other places and any other time, I would not be looking at a triple digit number.  I would not be enjoying meals with multiple dishes and more than water to drink.  Instead of wishing that I could buy the organic produce and the tiny bottle of vanilla beans for a recipe, I could be living with fear that my kids were going to bed hungry.  I am blessed, and I am Thankful.


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Project: Food Budget (Week 7)

At last check, we were at $130 last week.  Over the weekend, we ordered pizza, adding $12.  So…a grand total of $142 for the week.  Our guests very graciously treated us to dinner and breakfast out.  Thank you, Kevin & Trish!

I am thrilled with my grocery shopping this week.  I’m doing a little happy dance right here on the lovely peacock couch (You can see it in my last post).  Despite having to buy 80 dinner rolls for a pot luck meal at my husband’s university, I spent only $81 for our weekly grocery stop.  I can’t really say how this happened.  Yes, we did go to the pot luck, but I still spent $15 on dinner rolls which is more than I usually spend on a week-day dinner.  I am planning a crustless quiche with Canadian bacon and colby, and on another night, we are having spaghetti with garden-style sauce.  Both of those meals are inexpensive.  Last week, I bought a big bag of potatoes on sale, so I’m using them in several side dishes this week.  I guess small changes are making a difference.

We spent $5 on a quick snack stop bringing the week to only $86.

Week 1 + Week 2 + Week 3 = $352 so far

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Catching up…

Whenever my head is full of this and that, I have trouble getting a good blog post together.  I’ll try to get on track!  We’ve been busy enjoying lots of family time.  The last few weeks have brought a local festival, plenty of beautiful weather, and even some company from back home.

We think our girl might be working on a tooth.  She munches on her bottom lip like this all the time.  The boys think it is hilarious.

(Don’t ya just love the “peacock couch.”)

We were delighted to have hubby’s brother and his wife visit from “up North.”  We had a fun weekend showing off our new town, peeking in the windows of our new house (shh!), and cheering on our Steelers.  The visit gave me the boost I needed to make it until Christmas.  Counting down the days!

Project: Food Budget (Week 6)

Not a lot of time for blogging today, so here is a quick update.  Groceries were $90 (go me!), and we had to go out for a few extras.  I was responsible for a MOPS snack (ingredients to make coffee cake), plus we needed more milk and a few odds and ends.  That came to $25.  Dinner at church was $9, and we had one quick fast food stop for $6.  Total: $130.

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Four months of Baby Charlotte

I can’t believe it’s been four months since our little girl joined the family!  She is growing and changing so much.

^^ About one hour old

^^ One month old  (not the most flattering shot)

^^ Two months old

^^ Three months old

^^ Four months old

Charlotte is still just a little bitty thing, but she is showing us who she is.  She is a sweet, content baby.  She loves to nurse, babble, and smile at everyone–but especially her big brothers.  She recently started grabbing everything!  She is a good sleeper, and she now rolls frequently from back to front and occasionally from front to back.  Why must babyhood go so fast?