Project: Food Budget (Week 17)

It was a good week.  Groceries came to $84, and we went to Pizza Hut with the much coveted “Book It” coupon for a total of $14.  Church dinner on Wednesday cost $9.  The total: $107.  Not bad!

This week’s menu:

Monday: (Pizza Hut)

Tuesday: Homemade “Chicken Nuggets,” baked potatoes, and mixed veggies

Wednesday: (church)

Thursday:  Ham & Cheese Stromboli (super easy!) and tossed salad

Friday: Broccoli Cheese soup and bread

Saturday: Italian Bake

Sunday: Chicken and Rice in the Crock Pot

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What a surprise!

Yesterday, I had a really pleasant surprise.  My photograph was featured in The Nick Kelsh Radio Picture Show for Monday, January 23.  I was shocked!  Nick Kelsh’s show is fun, informative, and totally accessible for a not-s0-expert photographer like me and most of the population.    I sat down to watch Monday’s edition, and I was shocked to hear Mr. Kelsh say, “And this one is from Erica.”  There was Charlotte looking back at me!  Here is the photograph that gave me about 30 seconds of fame.  Well, not real fame…but the whole event made me want to get my camera out and do some more learning and practicing.

Project: Food Budget (Week 16)

Hey there!  Not as good as last week, but not terrible.  This was sort of a restocking week.  Groceries came to $120.  We had a quickie lunch out for $15, and dinner at church cost $9.  Total: $144.  Hmm… I’m under my absolute budget of $150/week, but I’m far over my $100 goal.  We did have to buy a lot of everyday items like paper goods and condiments.  I’m glad that I can go back and read last week’s post to cheer myself up.

It’s been nice to receive comments from my fellow Food Budget bloggers.  I find them and ALL comments to be very encouraging.  Thank you!

Getting it right…

My giving of Christmas cards was a bit haphazard this year.  I am claiming the “big move and new baby” excuse while I can get away with it!  But I want everyone to see our Christmas picture and some of the “out takes” on the way to getting it right.

Christmas 2011

I was finally satisfied with the picture above.  Whew…that’s a workout.  After our “photo shoot” was over and the rest of the gang was changing clothes and moving on to other things, Cory snapped a photograph of J in the window.  Somehow, this seems to truly capture Christmas.  The wonder, the waiting, looking out for what’s to come.

Farmers Market in January

See those beauties?  Real, honest-to-goodness, locally grown cherry tomatoes.  In January no less.  For a northerner like me, these tomatoes are nothing short of miraculous.  I keep going back for another.  They appeared in our salad last night, and I’m anxiously awaiting a taste in my lunch salad any moment now.  As soon as my hubby brings it to me.  Ahh…love.

The Farmers Market in our town is brand new.  The little ones and I headed over on Saturday morning.  We bought a big cup of squeezed-right-before-our-eyes orange juice for $1, this basket of tomatoes, a loaf of chocolate bread, and a loaf of banana bread.  We drank the juice on the spot.  The breads disappeared by Sunday morning, and the tomatoes are quickly being eaten.  The boys loved the market.  They especially enjoyed nibbling all the free samples and running into many friends.  You know, I am so surprised by how many people we run into on an almost daily basis.  So many familiar, friendly faces.  I can’t decide if this is the product of a small town, a large church, or something else.  I don’t know, but I’m not going to question the blessing.

Project: Food Budget (Week 15)

Yay!  Yay!  Budget Day!

This week needed to be lean because a certain special husband celebrated a birthday, and we wanted to go out for a nice meal.  Also, the travels and festivities surrounding Christmas required that we pinch a little this month.  I headed to the store with a pretty typical grocery list, and I somehow managed to come home with a pretty unusual receipt.  Are you ready?  I spent a grand total of $54.  BAM!  We spent $9 for dinner at church, and our dinner out on Cory’s birthday came to $34 on a “Kids Eat Free” night.  That brings us to $97 for the week.  I’m so excited!  Here’s our menu:

Monday–Dinner Out

Tuesday–Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo over Pasta

Wednesday–Dinner at Church

Thursday–Kielbasa, Macaroni & Cheese, Mixed Veggies

Friday–BBQ Chicken Sandwiches and Baked Beans

Saturday–Egg Salad Sandwiches and Creamy Potato Soup

Sunday–Chicken Tetrazzini in the Crock Pot

Take a look at my blog friends.  Some of them post links to recipes!  Yum.