Project: Food Budget {Week 48}

Hi.  The piggie is back…yay!  This week we spent $38 on one shopping trip, $12 on dinner at church, and $68 on a second grocery trip.  That’s $118 for the week.  Not bad.  I don’t know why I haven’t been able to pull myself back to the 100 dollar mark  since we got back from our trip.  I definitely think it is an organizational issue.  I’m deciding to give myself some breathing room because we’ve added a few new concepts to our food planning.  First, I am being more intentional about snacks.  Snacking had been sort of willy-nilly, and I’m trying to have snacks planned mostly for the kids but also for the hubby and me.  I, too often, grab a spoonful of peanut butter.  Nutritionally, that’s a pretty good choice, but we never have clean spoons!  Ha ha.  Additionally, I am now making sure my husband has a good breakfast in the moring, and I am making him a lunch to take to work.  I wasn’t really in the habit (God bless my mom who has made my dad a lunch every workday for FORTY years!  And you know what, he has had the same lunch box the whole time.  Amazing.), but in an overall re-thinking of our families eating habits, I knew that I needed to make him a good lunch as a very tangible way of showing my love and support.  He does so much for our family; the least I can do is pack him a sandwich.  Here is how our week looks:

Monday: Turkey burgers with green beans

Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner (because I delayed shopping, and we always have breakfast stuff in the house)

Wednesday: dinner at church

Thursday: Meatball sandwiches with tossed salad

Friday: Bratwurst with red cabbage and apples (sounds weird, tastes good…I’ll share the recipe soon.)

Saturday: Ah!  Not sure.

Sunday: Roast in the Crock Pot with red potatoes and carrots

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Project: Food Budget {Week 46}

Technical Difficulties…(sigh)
I can’t get my cute piggie to come up, and I can’t seem to copy and paste my list of fellow bloggers. I’m pretty sure this is one issue showing itself in two ugly ways.

Menu for the Week:
Monday — Breakfast for Dinner
Tuesday — “Fiesta” Chicken and Broccoli
Wednesday — Chef Salads with Garlic/Parm Bread
Thursday — Pork Chops, Red Potatoes, and Mixed Veggies
Friday — Grilled Chicken, Bean Salad, and Bread
Saturday — Steak Sandwiches with Oven Fries
Sunday — Creamy Chicken Tacos in the Crock Pot and Rice

Total Grocery Cost: $129

Looking Back: Berry Picking

Oh yes, oh yes!  Blueberry picking was a major event this summer.  It was certainly one of the highlights for me.  Charlotte stayed home with Papa Tim while Grandma Mary and I took the boys to the berry patch.  The crop was beautiful and the quiet of the farm was perfect.  We went on July 4th, and somehow, berry picking seemed like the perfect way to be in the All-American frame of mind.

Each row of berries is labeled with the specific variety.  We loaded up on lots of “Patriot” berries.  Seems perfect for Independence Day, doesn’t it?


Project: Food Budget {Week 45}

I’m back!  And I’m ready to really do this food budget thing again.  I can’t believe I missed three weeks of posting, and I sincerely apologize to my fellow budgeters for dropping the ball.  Sorry, guys.

This week was a major re-stocking week.  We came home after EIGHT WEEKS of traveling to find a quarter inch of very spoiled milk (how did we forget to dump that?), a box of stale Kix, and a lot of condiments.  That’s pretty much it.  Even so, we were only slightly over budget at $165.  (In case you’ve forgotten, my self-imposed budget is $100, but my actual budget is $150.)  The $165 includes one Arby’s dinner, but it does not include our ice cream stop last night.

Since the beginning of this project, I’ve only planned dinner menus, but now, I’m being more deliberate about snacks.  My hubby kept reminding me that I wasn’t buying snacks (except cookies…we always have cookies), but because I wasn’t buying snacks, the kids were doing a lot of begging and whining.  So I’ve decided to start planning snacks.  This week, I cut up carrots and celery.  I also bought grapes and pistachios.  I must have chosen well because the grapes and pistachios are gone, and the carrots are almost gone.  Now what to do with all that celery…

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This Special Summer

For the last eight weeks, we have been with our families and friends in our home state. These weeks have been full of so many happy moments. We took some special trips, did special activities, but the best part of the summer was just sharing in the simple, everyday habits and routines that make up life. It was nice to dry dishes with my mom, have cereal with my dad, go for a walk with my mom-in-law, and watch the kids be silly with Cory’s dad. Beautiful days. Memories made.  Ordinary magic.