Baking Soda Bisquits

In preparing to head to our bi-monthly Bible study with friends yesterday, I was stumped.  What do you take to share when the menu is Lebanese food?  What do you take to share when you’ve never had Lebanese food and therefore have no idea what goes with such cuisine?

baking bisquits

I went with bisquits. 

finished bisquits

The smell in our kitchen was worth every bit of flour now dusting my kitchen floor and coating the bottoms of the children’s socks.

tea and bisquit

I had to snitch one before we hit the road.  I couldn’t just offer my contributions without testing the wares, could I?

Roasting Marshmallows, Making Cards, Enjoying Family

I had a fabulous weekend.  Even though I love my part-time job, I always feel a huge weight lift when I walk out of the classroom on a Friday afternoon.  This past Friday was even better because I knew that we were headed to the annual church Hot Dog Roast.  Now, I dislike hot dogs (My husband teases me for putting every topping on to hide the taste.), but I am all about the camp fire, the guitar music, the voices of kids playing, and the messy fun of making S’mores. 


My boys had a wonderful time.  Our little one clapped and danced to the music, and his big brother was fascinated by the fire, keeping Mommy and Daddy on their toes.  Feeling wonderfully mellow with the sounds of old hymns and camp soungs, we headed home as the fire was fading.

On Saturday my mom and I sttended a card-making workshop.  We both enjoy scrapbooking, so this was a nice extension of that activity.  We weren’t sure what to expect, but the day was a fun, relaxing, and even surprising one.  I love paper crafts of all kinds, but I was especially drawn to the idea of giving cards as a kind of outreach to people who need a friendly hello, a pick-me-up, a reminder that they are loved, thought of fondly, and covered in prayer. 

birthday cards

I loved playing with so many colors and textures.  From magenta embossed card stock to raffia to colored pencils, I was in heaven.  It reminded me of my elementary days when the kid in the next desk yelled at me for humming under my breath while I cut construction paper leaves or glued cotton balls on the Easter Bunny’s bottom.  I did sing on Saturday, but nobody yelled at me.

friend card2

As the garden season draws to an end…

This was a funny sort of summer.  A respectable number of pretty days.  Some stretches of rain.  Some very cool days.  Not a lot of swimming.  We had a handful of 90 degree broilers but not enough to coax the window unit air conditioners out of the basement.  Although my dreams of nurturing a wonderful, lush little garden never came to be, we did enjoy a harvest.Little Crop







Yep…we gathered about 20 cherry tomatoes from our two plants, and we got 2 green beans from the vine that our older son planted in Sunday School.  He is thrilled!

Fortunately, my in-laws have greener thumbs.  We were happy to share their zucchini, and this gorgeous sweet pepper.

Beautiful Pepper

Rebirth…and it’s not even Spring!

Any day is a good day for a rebirth, a fresh start. Why not the first day of Autumn?

Since I began this blog in 2006, life has changed considerably.  We welcomed a second son into our family in July 2008.  He is now a walking, babbling little monkey.  A delight.  His big brother has climbed the preschool ranks and is now in the 4 year old class.  He’s learning and growing at an awe-inspiring rate.  Blessings, blessings, everywhere.  But time for blogging became slim, and the entire feel no longer fit the timbre of my life.

So why the new start here at Warm as Pie?  I’ve been thinking a lot about what I do.  Most importantly, I’m called to be a mother to my boys.  I live to build a warm, peaceful home–a place where they can grow and develop and be inspired to live godly lives, creative lives, meaningful lives.  This will be my purpose for a short season.  Before I know it, my children will be independent adults.  (Of course, I’m also making a home for my sweet hubby, and that job will be mine until my final days.)

But I’ve been given other gifts as well.  I feel called to teach and to write.  I want to bring those aspects of myself into my life now, today.  I believe that both teaching and writing provide a way for me to reflect upon and preserve the details of the present.  I can better appreciate and delight in the current moment by taking the time to record those details and hopefully stir-up a little inspiration in others.  It’s a lofty goal, but I believe that my little blog can be one step forward.

Here, I plan to record the objects, activities, and insights that inspire me.  I will share the happenings of my days, and from time to time I’ll highlight books, products, and websites that I enjoy.

A new beginning.